The Brookstone Builders Team
Brookstone Builders     
Brookstone Builders is a general contracting firm specializing in new homes and remodeling. Led by founder and President Jeff Cox, the Brookstone Builders team has years of experience with both commercial and residential projects in the Bay Area, and a professional network that includes architects, engineers, landscape and interior designers. Brookstone Builders projects include a recent restoration of a 1930’s home architected by William Wurster. Preserving the spirit, function, and beauty of the original design while seamlessly integrating modern and green technology and materials that dramatically decrease the home’s environmental impact.

Providing dedicated service that doesn’t stop after the project is complete is the hallmark of Brookstone Builders philosophy, reflecting their motto: “Craftsmanship you can be proud of, integrity you can count on.”

Company Philosophy
Jeff Cox has dedicated his career to building and remodeling homes. A native of Palo Alto, Jeff has worked in the construction industry since 1985, managing a variety of commercial and residential projects. He began Brookstone Builders in the fall of 1995. The initial team had a wide variety of construction experience, from basic kitchen and bathroom remodeling to large commercial projects. Brookstone Builders maintains a diverse team in order to take on a large variety of projects.

“There is absolutely a demand for quality general contractors who possess not only the skills necessary to build a beautiful home, but also the interpersonal and communication skills needed to develop an effective working relationship with the client,” notes Jeff, who understands the qualms home owners have when choosing a general contractor. “My job is to team with the client up front, becoming their advocate. I then use my expertise to ensure that the architects, designers, trades people and subcontractors are working together to transform the client’s dream into reality.

Jeff believes that the client should be kept well-informed, but the headaches of problem-solving should lie strictly with the Brookstone Builders team. “My clients have their own lives,” he says. “If I’m doing my job correctly, they can go about their business, confident that we are taking all of the necessary steps to support their wishes and create a finished product that meets or exceeds their expectations.”

The relationship between Brookstone Builders and the client does not stop after the project is finished. “We maintain a high percentage of the projects we complete,” acknowledges Jeff. Clients can turn to Brookstone Builders for help and advice throughout the life of their home.

Project Management
The Brookstone Builders team has been carefully selected based on their demonstrated skills and their experience as builders. “Brookstone Builders is successful because of the people who work for us, says Jeff Cox. “We have a common set of values and believe that quality and integrity cannot be compromised.”

Brookstone Builders has enjoyed working on the Peninsula for many years; they not only understand the building regulations, but have established a strong working relationship with the building officials. The company has a reputation for high quality and timely completion of all the projects they undertake.

Finding a general contractor to turn your dreams into reality with a balance between budget, time, and quality, can be a daunting task. Finding one who can do that, and navigate smoothly between the desires of the client and the demands of building regulations, likewise. Finding one who can do all that, and will still be there after the project is over, may feel almost impossible.

Brookstone Builders craftsmanship, integrity, and commitment to ongoing customer satisfaction, keeps Brookstone Builders customers coming back, and recommending Brookstone Builders to others.